TTIGII. (Ep 2016)

"The Thrill Isn't Gone II" is NegroNegro's second EP and it means a continuation through the jazz and electronic experimentation started in his previous work (TTIG, november 2014).

In this occasion, the album sound turns more violent by playing with tensions, blows, rythms and textures, and a clear intention of searching the physical sound experience.

In this production a higher presence of modular and saxophone sounds is discerned, which gets the work away from popular music melodies and common structures, without abandoning them completely.

"El caballo del sueño de Rodka" ("The horse in Raskolnikov's dream") is the song that opens the EP: a sound reinterpretation of one of the most shadiest Dostoevsky's passages. 

"Nieve ardiendo" ("Burning snow") is the second song, where some clearer melodies appear mixed with an endless loop, wild night voices and various crescendos.

The last song, 1080, is the one that plays more with intensities, primitive rythms and sound pressure.