José Venditti is a composer, sound and visual artist based in Madrid.

As a musician, he is interested in understanding and confronting musical social constructions. The sound struggle between what’s known and understood and the unknown and abstract, the tensions that are created in that confrontation.

He plays saxophone, and try to work with its sound from the deconstruction of classical patterns. He also work with field recordings, synthesizers, contact microphones, generative software, etc.

Jose has released 2 EP's and a collaborative LP with his last musical project, NegrøNegrø. He performed concerts and a/v live shows in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ireland, England, and Spain.

The other part of his work, revolves around sound and visual investigation, experimentation and creation. Interested in contemporary sound perceptions and aesthetics, learned listening codes and patterns that persist today and the new codes still being built.

Selected Realeases:

Dios, misterio, lluvia y poder (Co-LP, Autoplacer Label).TTIGII (EP, Self-edited)TTIG (EP, Self-edited).

Selected Past Performance:

Taipei Community Radio (Taiwan ‘18), Udon Thani (Thailand ‘18), JAM Bangkok (Thailand ‘18), Meta House Phnom Penh (Cambodya ‘18), Telenoika (Barcelona ‘18), Media Lab Prado (Madrid ‘17), SEMINCI (Valladolid ‘17), INTRAMURS (Valencia ‘17), Sonic Dreams Festival (Ireland ‘17), Dual Club (Burgos ‘17), WOS Festival (Santiago ‘16), La Quinta del Sordo (Madrid ‘16).

Selected Projects:

√ÅL ∆EL ØMÅ® (SEMINCI), Tu no me has creado (FIASM, Montevideo).

Selected Media:

Radio 3, BeatMash MagazineTelenoika Interview, Neo2.


Mail, Bandcamp, VimeoYoutube, Soundcloud.